About Me

‘ . . . a life and a story expressed visually . . . ‘

Henning Jansen, 2017

Henning Jansen (born in Stavanger/Norway – 1971) spent his childhood years close to the sea, the ocean, the nature as well as urban space and city-life. During his early years, the awareness of surroundings, the environment, the presence of being, the wandering through existence, made a huge impression in a young mind. An impression which introduced a young mind to visual expression, art and imagery.
27 years later, Henning returned to his home, his hometown and the surroundings which imprinted the nature of whom he became. Or who he will end up being,.. the journey continues.

Henning live and work out of Stavanger, available for commissions and projects globally. Photography related to  contemporary Editorial and/or Documentary topics, Lifestyle, Cultural and Environmental   photography, as well as conceptual urban and humanitarian photography. The streets, the urban landscape, the encounters, the humanity found in random interaction & intersections is destined to be Henning’s footprint in a life lived.

Please contact me for inquiries or any questions related to my photography.