Moving from Facebook Profile to Facebook Page …

CocaCola, Stavanger 2017

I have decided that I will slowly start to transfer my Facebook photographs to a dedicated Facebook Page, and keep my personal Facebook profile for . . . personal stuff. Please start following my Facebook Page Henningzen’s Photography and help me promote my distorted view of random observations and encounters.

This move will make it easier for me to manage consistency and flow into what I leave behind, that was meant to be shared with a bigger and more open audience.

I will continue to publish my camera-roll on my FLICR Photostream, and contemplate more serious portfolio edited work into my 500px Gallery.

Meanwhile, throw me a ‘Like’ on Henningzen’s Photography and leave a message and stay in touch.

Thanks for your support.

SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) vs. RAW / Post Processing ?

Black & White print, Obstefeller Festival Stavanger, 2016

While trying to get started on my OCA Foundations In Photography assignments, the  one thing that disturbs & distracts me the most is the rigid system of RAW, the systematic planning of me, as a visual artist need to learn, pay for and master this unnecessary and cumbersome tool,..

If one can afford a high-quality photographic tool (a camera) which produces great imagery SOOC (High Quality JPEG’s) which appeals to my liking and the the visual expression I am looking for,..  the effectiveness of a simple and not to costly bare-minimum post-processing tool ( such as Adobe Lightroom ) , . .  does that set me back as an artist? Capturing it all in the moment, the framing, and trusting the SOOC process to do the job?

Or, to the extreme,.. let an iPhone, with simple post-processing in SnapSeed et al , . .  work it out for me in the simplest, most accessible and lightweight way possible?

I have a simple diary of images I captured, and choose to share on Flickr. The difference between an image from a simple iPhone, or a 2500$ Fujifilm Kit? Yes,I love my simple, high-quality Fujifilms,.. but the end result?

One picture with an iPhone, of a High-resolution picture from a pro-camera and a mounted pro-lens, printed on a cheap Epson printer, through the lens of a simple iPhone. And another picture, same location, same light, same room, shot with a pro-camera/lens.

Do these pictures differ in telling my story?


A Day in the Life, 2016

a Texas Perspective – The Polaroid Years

In hiatus from ‘real’ photography, I have spent the past 5-6 years shooting mainly with my iPhones. For a period of time I used a Polaroid app which gave me a certain ‘snap straight out of the box.

This collection is a subset of my Polaroid years, an opaque perspective focusing on my years in Texas.

— a Texas Perspective – The Polaroid Years — (78 pictures on Flickr)


Corpus Christi, Texas – 2015

Happy New Year!

Days passing,.. I got stuck @ the Airport, Tenerife/Canary Islands, Spain. Three days & two nights, hanging out in the Departures Area. Luckily I had a camera, a computer and a positive attitude…