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My main web-page www.henning-jansen.com has recently gotten a brand new layout, and now hosts my main portfolio. The idea is to serve a fairly static, single-page portfolio with a brief introduction to my work through an assorted, limited selection of images. There is no use for WordPress to achieve that…

Simplicity in HTML5/CSS and clutter reduced to a minimum. Enjoy!

SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) vs. RAW / Post Processing ?

Black & White print, Obstefeller Festival Stavanger, 2016

While trying to get started on my OCA Foundations In Photography assignments, the  one thing that disturbs & distracts me the most is the rigid system of RAW, the systematic planning of me, as a visual artist need to learn, pay for and master this unnecessary and cumbersome tool,.. Continue reading “SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) vs. RAW / Post Processing ?”

a Texas Perspective – The Polaroid Years

In hiatus from ‘real’ photography, I have spent the past 5-6 years shooting mainly with my iPhones. For a period of time I used a Polaroid app which gave me a certain ‘snap straight out of the box.

This collection is a subset of my Polaroid years, an opaque perspective focusing on my years in Texas.

— a Texas Perspective – The Polaroid Years — (78 pictures on Flickr)


Corpus Christi, Texas – 2015


top 12 iPhone shots 2016

These are my top 12 images for 2016, in the snapshots/iPad category. My primary workflow for iPhonographic Imagery is heavily based on edits done in Snapseed.


a Day in the Life

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iPhonoGraphy 2016

Happy New Year!

Days passing,.. I got stuck @ the Airport, Tenerife/Canary Islands, Spain. Three days & two nights, hanging out in the Departures Area. Luckily I had a camera, a computer and a positive attitude…